Montaña Del Mar

Veintisiete de Abril, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, 15 km from Tamarindo. (10.263903191106529, -85.70832243342933)

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Property Description

Expansive natural forest lands right in the middle of Costa Rica’s incredible Blue Zone with panoramic views of the Pacific coastal mountain ranges, local farmlands, and at the highest point, inland waterways (Gulf of Nicoya) and distant volcanoes.

Phase I – 35.5 Ha comprising the common area (5.7 Ha), 47 sub-divided building lots (average size of 6,100 m2 per lot) – one 2.5 Ha lot is included in the common area, 22 lots have been sold at an average sales price of $12 per m2 (13.7 Ha), and 23 Phase I lots are still available for sale (16.1 Ha in total).

Phase II – a single titled land parcel of 128 Ha with potential for subdivision

In Costa Rica, most large properties have land and border disputes, access issues, H.O.A. litigation or one of many technicalities that leave few properties marketable.

One of the biggest advantages of Montana Del Mar is the ability to keep an access, roads and property legally private at all times.

Costa Rica was primarily an agriculturally based country with small farmers, the Costa Rican Agrarian Law was created to help protect small farmers. This allows the new owner to create and inscribe this property as "ESTATE LOTS”, and it can be legally subdivided and developed easier ( as long as the lots are at least 5,000+ square meters).

This project it’s a great opportunity for developers because it will allow to avoid the negative condominiums or urbanization inscriptions that need to be created. Additionally, it will be easy to subdivide this purchase because of the Agrarian Law.

This property is a unique proposition due to the following:

Strategically located at the gateway to Costa Rica’s Gold Coast.

Incredible natural beauty – authentic Costa Rica forest lands, local birdlife and wildlife, natural waterfalls, fantastic views.

Located on a paved road with easy access to Tamarindo, the southern beaches, Santa Cruz and Liberia International airport.

Abundant water reserves.

Clear title for all land.

High net worth owners of Phase I sold lots (several are ready to build).

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Carl Becker

+506 7284 - 6496

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146.93 HECTARES 1,469,323.41 SQUARE METERS


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Veintisiete de Abril, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, 15 km from Tamarindo. (10.263903191106529, -85.70832243342933)